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The Personal ROI : Discover The Way To Inner Wisdom by BK Jayasimha.

Title: The Personal ROI : Discover The Way To Inner Wisdom
Author: BK Jayasimha
Publisher: Adhyyan Publications

Genre: Self help

Date:  2016

Price: INR 187 (free on Kindle Unlimited)

Pages: 140

This is the second book of BK Jayasimha that I am reviewing; unlike the first, which was a mix of a knowledge and realization based treatise, this one is an out-and-out soul searching self-realisation. At the outset let me make it quite clear that this is neither an easy book to read, nor to understand; it requires the reader be already on the “path” in order that the contents be fully understood, imbibed and acted upon with vigour.

The concept is deceptively described as “Reverse Order Enquiry”: but entails something that ought to be called a 360-degree analysis. The reason for this is that any internal introspection is bound to give confusing, incomplete or misleading results unless the external factors are under a reasonable amount of control of the individual’s mind. The reason for this is that the external factors tend to taint the individual’s perception of the internals this book focusses on, a point that this book completely ignores, or rather – neglects to specify in so many words. As a person who has walked this path of deep self-introspection, I can testify that this is hard to do, letting go of everything to meet the real you.

The concept entails this as a starting point – the real you; the who am I. If this doesn’t make sense to you, or fails to kindle even a minor chord in you, or gives rise to ridicule in your mind, my advise to you – stop reading, and move on. I mean no insult; you may be already equipped, or you may not be ready for it. Either way, you would be better off walking away. This isn’t for you. But, for those to whom this first question – who am I – makes an immediate connect, read on!

The book sequentially takes us through various pertinent parameters, which will, to the perceptive and thinking person, be an invaluable guide. If you are, like me, already on this path, then it will also serve to point out further developments to you & to guide you in a direction. These parameters are : The quintessential starting point : Who am I; Pattern Paralysis; Your Comfort Zone; Psychological Time; Idealism; Self Vs Selfishness; Forgiving; Happiness & Peace; Trust & Simplicity

Straight off : this is one of the hardest books to review, as the code of life of each individual is different; each mind is different, and each perceptive reality is divergent from others. There can be no right, no wrong in this, the realm of introspection; only ideas, directions, morals & ethics – and your values. And that brings me to my first but minor grouse – the relative lack of emphasis on Values & Beliefs in this excellent discourse on the mind. This is a constant problem I am finding with people from the field of Psychology and matters of the mind – they tend to ignore Values, and Beliefs. That doesn’t make any connect or sense to me, as thoughts, perceptions, realisations and actions are defined by your internal value system, and belief matrix.

Unless you as an individual come to terms with, and accept your value system, understand & clearly identify your beliefs, I cannot understand how deep self-realisation is possible. This may be regarded as obvious by the experts in the field; my humble submission to them – trust me, please; it isn’t obvious, not by a long shot. You need to be very, very specific and clear on this point. Now as to whether this means that during this introspection you can challenge, question and alter your values – this is not a question I can answer, for the simple reason that I haven’t yet found an answer to that yet!

As to the rest, the book is an excellent teacher, guide, resource on become more self-realised, comfortable in your skin, and calm-collected. The part on Pattern Paralysis, for example, is the piece-de-resistance of the book, as it correctly identifies the penchant of the mind to fall into the pre-judged belief-led responses, a pattern of behaviour & responses, so to speak. It also tantalizingly raises the possibility of change in the underlying beliefs, but that is beyond my level of perception, as I am currently struggling in this phase, having just recently clearly identified my own value/belief system in clear, specific terms

Every chapter in this book is pertinent; every chapter gives a deep learning, of that there is no doubt. This is an excellent value addition to the discerning individual, and comes highly recommended. I  recommend reading it as and when your mood permits; force-reading is pointless. I took well over two weeks for a book that is just a 60 minute read for a fast reader like self. Further, while the book is written in a specific order – that does not mean that your learning will progress in that order; you can simultaneously be growing in various parameters at the same time.

The other chapter which has the strongest connect, the most powerful message is the one of Self Vs Selfishness, with its superb examination of the the concept of self, of a deep inward examination of one’s own strengths and weaknesses; and one’s own effort to grow from Self-awareness to Self-Mastery. Of even greater interest to me was the segment on getting in touch with your inner self, and the lovely heart-warming concept of a balance between survival of the fittest with being provided for from the nest : a touching look at today’s reality of cut-throat competition, which is in dire need of balance.

There are many other small tit bits & gems hidden away in these pages; nearly each chapter has at least one of two memorable observations, deep learnings, and powerful social messages. Collectively, these prove very helpful in giving you ideas, new directions, refreshing and re-energising your existing efforts; and all of this is achieved with a minimum of words, in a short but very sharp book. This is a very eminently readable book with a powerful central theme of self-realisation, and a connected but minor theme of social awareness. 

Readers Cosmos Rating: 4.5/5

The book review has been written by Vishal Kale. He has an MBA in Marketing with 16 years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Operations across various industries, with end-to-end specialisation in telecom sales and marketing. 

He is an Indian Top Blogger {on ITB Website} for the past 2 years and counting; Nominated in top 5 Political Bloggers by Blogadda in Win-15 & Among the top 200 bloggers worldwide on Invesp. He specialises in deep politico-economic analysis; Books off the beaten track, and a value & fundamentals-based approach towards the Indian Economy, Corporate India - And Especially Indian Colonial History"


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